Thyme2cookstudio Facebook Community Page Launched


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I’ve started an experiment in social marketing by creating a Facebook community page devoted to topics relevant to museums, education, nonprofit management, and technology. There are a couple of reasons for me telling you this (besides the shameful self promotion):

  1. I scour many sources each day on the search for content that I feel is interesting, important, or pertinent to our lives in the non-profit sector.  Granted the things that are posted are viewed through my personal lens and have a heavy focus on the art museum world, but I hope that you also find these items interesting and useful, too.
  2. I’m also trying to assess how various social media accounts link (when I post in WordPress, where else does it show up).  I know that I have accounts linked in many ways, but it’s interesting to see when ‘followers’ cross over from one social media source to another.  This isn’t an academic research study – it’s more observational.
  3. My third reason for launching and promoting a community page is to encourage community.  I’m looking for comments, discussion, postings from my readers, classmates, friends, and community that is entertaining and engaging.  I want to hear from YOU!

Stay tuned as I continue to refine the community page, this blog site, and my Twitter feed.  All of these are vehicles to promote discussion on topics of common interest, learn from friends, and explore the world together.  Won’t you come along and Comment, Follow, Like, and/or Subscribe?  I promise that you’ll be glad  you did!